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Canlak has developed a complete line of conventional nitrocellulose products, pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed lacquers and conversion varnishes, all with the options of ranging from opaque to transparent. Canlak products have excellent non yellowing properties are designed to dry rapidly. This family of products respects the most recent norms on VOC and HAP regulations.

CANLAK lacquer

Goudey stain

CANLAK Polyurethane

Lacquer, Stain & Polyurethane

POLYURETHANE is a superior quality product with outstanding durability and resistance.  Our most high end product and includes standard polyurethane and is available in clear or a custom colour ranging in sheen from ultra mat finish to super high gloss. It is ideal for kitchen cabinets, children’s furniture as well as other articles that are subject to harsh conditions.

John E. Goudey Manufacturing is a high performance micro brewery of stains and lacquers. It is one of Canada's oldest family owned businesses Located and manufactured right in Toronto Canada. With an outstanding performance in longevity and durability Industrial Paint Coatings carries the entire stain line including NGR stains. For samples on stain colours available, come take a look in store on our real wood samples, or take home a complementary stain brochure.