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Swimming Pool Paint


#1 Denatured Alcohol/"Goof Off"

(Softens waterborne pool paint)

#2 Xylene

(Softens both cholorinated rubber and synthetic  rubber pool paints)

#3 MEK (Methol, Ethol, Keytone)

(Softens epoxy based epoxy paint)

The Type of paint can be determinded by wiping the surface with various solvents.

The Solvent will start to dissolve the paint film causing it to soften and become sticky. The solvent that affects the paint film determines what type of paint is present.

Repainting your swimming pool:

Waterborne Acrylic can be applied over any existing pool paint

Chlorinated Rubber can only be used over another chlorinated rubber

Synthetic Rubber can be used over chlorinated and synthetic rubber pool paints.

Epoxy can only be used over another solvent based epoxy

Step 1: Clean the immediate surface where you are going to test the paint

Step 2: Rinse the now clean area with water and allow it to thoroughly dry.

Step 3:Saturate a clean cotton ball with Solvent #1

Step 4: Take saturated cotton ball and gently wipe it back and forth in a liner pattern. The paint should start to lose gloss and then become soft/sticky after 4 -5 passes. If not, use solvent #2 with another cotton ball. If there is still no reaction move on to solvent #3.

Remember to test 3-4 different areas within the pool.

It is extremely important that you wear rubber gloves in order to protect your skin from the solvents.

How can I determine what type of paint is on my pool?